Q: Why should I become an AYA member?

A: Lots of reasons! 1) To elevate your advocacy efforts. We advocate on your behalf at the federal level, with lobbyists speaking directly to legislators, sharing your stories verbatim. Basically, your ability to impact legislation increases tenfold. 2) We offer you tools to improve your advocacy at the local level. 3) You’ll join a community of like-minded young people that care about the same things you care about. And finally, 4) strength in numbers. Think of AYA like the AARP for young people -- we can show up to the Capitol representing millions of young people, Congress is more likely to listen to us.

Q: Where do my monetary donations go?

A: Your recurring donations are what keeps AYA going. They help pay AYA’s lobbying team, fund our daily operations, allow us to increase our policy expertise and influence, and enable us to better serve the needs of our membership.

Q: What does a lobbyist do?

A: The definition of lobbying is literally to seek to influence an elected official on a specific issue--lobbyists are like the middle-people between people and representatives. While some not-so-great lobbyists rep corporations and other not-so-great actors, many lobbyists (*cough* AYA *cough*) work for the public and represent everyday constituents to communicate their wants and needs.

Q: How do I communicate with my lobbyists?

A: AYA sends regular member surveys, where you'll be able to tell us your personal stories related to our issue areas, as well as any other personal details you’d like communicated to our lobbying team. Our lobbyists then take your stories directly to the Hill when advocating for specific legislation to members of Congress. Occasionally, our lobbyists may also reach out to you via email to get more info, or to set up an interview. You can also email us at info@joinaya.com with anything else you’d like us to know!

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: Email us at info@joinaya.com. Let us know if there’s anything we could’ve done better!