We are the Association of Young Americans (AYA).

AYA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization. We go directly to the source and work with lawmakers on the Hill to advance legislation that improves the lives of young people.

Our Issues

Student Debt

45 million Americans are drowning in $1.7 trillion of student debt. Student debt is holding our generation back from buying homes, starting families, and pursuing dreams.

Climate Change

We are facing a climate emergency. From extreme weather to rising sea levels and dwindling resources, young people will be most affected by the consequences of our warming planet.


Healthcare costs in the U.S. are astronomical. Healthcare expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy, and many Americans are crowdfunding to pay basic medical expenses.
Full-time lobbyists working around-the-clock in Washington.
Each day, AYA's lobbyists are on Capitol Hill advocating for our generation, holding lawmakers accountable, and using the inner workings of the political process to improve the system.

Action Reports

Weekly updates written by your lobbyist

Week of June 7-11

This week's events:

  • Met with the White House’s office of Public Engagement to discuss youth-related priorities including COVID-19 vaccinations for young people, and to introduce AYA and share our 2021 legislative agenda.
  • Worked with several offices of members of Congress to provide feedback on bills related to lowering drug costs, making college more affordable, and improving pathways to the workforce.
  • Monitored four hearings on Capitol Hill that did a deep dive on the HHS and Ed budgets, and monitored two separate hearings on climate change and building resilient communities in the House Select Committee on Climate Crisis and the House Homeland Security Committee. These hearings are important for AYA to monitor as they give us insight into how the Members of Congress talk about the issues we care about and where we can support or advocate against the policies they are putting forth in these bills.
  • Attended the #CancelStudentDebt voices event led by several of AYA’s allies in the higher ed space, including Student Debt Crisis, Higher Ed Not Debt, Next Gen, and Young Invincibles. Heard from student borrowers as they discussed personal struggles with student debt and explained how cancellation would improve their quality of life, as well as Senator Schumer, Alyssa Milano, and Senator Warren who continue to fiercely advocate for the immediate cancellation of $50,000 in student debt for all borrowers. AYA will continue to uplift the campaign.

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