We are the Association of Young Americans (AYA).

AYA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization. We go directly to the source and work with lawmakers on the Hill to advance legislation that improves the lives of young people.

Our Issues

Student Debt

44 million Americans are drowning in $1.6 trillion of student loan debt. Student debt is has exacerbated inequalities and held our generation back from buying homes, starting families, and pursuing dreams.

Climate Change

We are facing a climate emergency. From extreme weather to rising sea levels and dwindling resources, our generation will face the worst effects of our warming planet.


Healthcare costs in the U.S. are astronomical. Healthcare expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy, and many young Americans are crowdfunding to pay basic medical expenses.
Our generation deserves a seat at the table.
Each day, AYA's advocates are on Capitol Hill advocating for our members, holding lawmakers accountable, and using the inner workings of the political process to improve the system.

Action Reports

Weekly updates written by your lobbyist

Week of November 29 - December 3

This week's events:

  • Policy efforts: The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) recently passed the House, a huge win for AYA, given it is the largest climate investment in history. We outlined key wins for our generation, and AYA's Executive Director released a statement on the passage of the framework.
  • Grassroots advocacy: It is possible that the Senate may reduce or drop key provisions in climate, healthcare, and education from the BBBA. AYA members sent 274 emails and 6 Tweets to Senators encouraging them to pass the bill as is, without changes.
  • Hill meetings:
    • Climate: Met with staff from the Environmental and Public Works (EPW) Committee on the Democratic side to discuss how to best retain key climate priorities in the BBB; joined by youth activists Kristy Drutman and Nico Arias, who shared perspectives on clean jobs.
    • Healthcare: Met with the Senate Finance committee, and the offices of Senators Cardin and Carper to discuss health policy priorities and learn more about their work; joined by AYA member Tsering S., who shared her experience as a young person in the healthcare system.

      If you have any stories to share or would like to join us for virtual Hill meetings, please email info@joinaya.org.
  • Board of Directors: AYA's board is meeting for the last time this year to vote on the budget for 2022, as well as new additions to our healthcare policy agenda and organizational goals for the upcoming year.

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